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Old world herbs,
new world health

Discover what herbalism and naturopathy can do for you

Poppy Field


Naturopathy is the process of discovering the root cause of your dis-ease, then working together to remove disruptive foods and habits in order to create an environment in which your body can innately return itself to health.

Herbalism and nutrition are potent remedies that can be used to replenish and restore function back to dysfunctioning tissues and systems of the body.


Amy's role in your journey is identify the most prominient issues that may be the source of your health concerns, and to provide you with the tools and education to take back control of your welbeing.


If you are the captain of your ship, I'm the navigator.

Research about Naturopathy & Herbal Therapies

Californian Poppy

and pain



and endometriosis



and insomnia

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